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Katybug's CommentSold

We know you love shopping our website, but you are going to love to shop our Commentsold Live Sales! We go live twice a week! You can find us live on Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30pm central time. You can see us live on Facebook or you can download our FREE APP in your Google or Apple Store. You will be able to chat with us, just like if you were shopping in our store.  

Where You Can Shop During Our Lives: 

There is three ways to shop commentsold: 

We highly suggest shopping from our APP.  It will make your shopping experience easier and faster.  All Of Our Customers who have downloaded our APP LOVE IT!! 

You can also shop our Commentsold Website: Katybugs.commentsold.com

How Do I Shop On Facebook? 

  • It is so easy to shop our lives on Facebook or Post!
  • All You have to do is comment below the live video or post with the following: Sold Item Number Size Color, If applicable). 
  • Example: Sold 100 Medium or Sold 100 Medium Blue
  • If you make a mistake when commenting, go ahead and comment below so our system will pick up your comment.  The system does not pick up edited comments if you commented incorrectly. 
  • Each varient must be spelled out exactly as it is listed in the post/video. 
  • You must start with the word SOLD, as it is the key word in every comment. 

When Completeing Your Purchase and  Ready To Check Out: 

  • To access your cart, you will need to to click on the link included in the post/video description. You can also go here: Katybugs.commentsold.com. 
  • You can add as many items you want to your cart.  You will find all your items in your cart. 
  • Once you get to your cart, you can remove items if you decide you no longer want.  Once you comment, you only have 1 hour to check out before your cart expires and your items in your cart will be removed and given to the next person on the waitlist.
  • Everytime you purchase through our Commentsold System, you will receive credit to use on your next order. The credit never expires. 

If You Missed The Live, Can You Still Shop? 

  • You will still be able to shop the live if you were not able to catch us. 
  • All of our live sales are posted to our Facebook Group and Page. You can also find the live in our APP. 

What If There Is A Item That I Wanted, But It Says It is Sold Out? 

  • We ask that you go ahead and still comment for the item as you will be put on the waistlist. When the item comes available or we are able to restock it, you will be notified and will be able to grab the item.

If You Have CommentSold Credit or Want To Use A Discount Code: 

  • If you have store credit, it will show up at check out. 
  • Only Commentsold Discounts can be used. If you have a instore or our website (Katybugscollection.com) discount code, you will not be able to use it on Commentsold. 
  • Katybug's Gift Cards can not be used on our Commentsold. They can only be used in store or on the Katybugscollection.com website. 

Can You Return Items Purchased Through Commentsold?

  • Yes! Our return policy is the same as our website return policy.  

If you have any further questions, please contact us at Katybugs2016@gmail.com or 605-8402769.