Meet Kaitlin

Haley Hensley

Posted on September 15 2019

Meet Kaitlin
Hello,everyone my name is Kaitlin. I am 11 years old. Katybug’s is named after me. My nickname since I was a baby has been “Katybug”. It just fits. Don’t you think? Katybug’s is a mother/daughter business. This isn’t our full time Job, YET. I am still in SCHOOl. My mom of course doesn’t go to school, but she has another job.
Did you know we didn’t always sell clothes? For along time, my mom and I would spend hours in the garage making crafts. We sure loved making crafts. Every piece of wood work was made with a little piece of love and had our own special unique to it.
I love selling clothes. I love seeing our customers happy and walking out with stylish clothes. We have a lot of new arrivals. I can’t wait to show you! We have been in business since December 2015.
We have two locations and now a website.
Thanks for supporting us.

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