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Haley Hensley

Posted on July 21 2019

Katybug's is affordable online clothing boutique selling you the latest styles. We have been in business since December of 2016. Our boutique is located in Winner, SD.  Katybug's was voted one of the Best Boutiques in 2018 and 2020. 

Our Story: Katybug's is a mother/daughter business. Katybug's is named after my daughter, Kaitlin. Her nickname since she was little was "Katybug". My mom had a shop called Ladybug's Pincic. That is where the ladybug logo comes in. Kaitlin and I both decided the name for "Our" business would have to be "Katybug's."  We have a special bond and love spending time together. We are like "two peas in a pod."  Before we started selling clothes, we would spend hours in the garage making wood crafts to sell at different vendor shows in South Dakota and Nebraska throughout the year. It was our special time to laugh and talk about whatever there was to talk about.  We both have always had the passion for fashion and decided we wanted to start selling clothes. So here we are! 

Let me introduce myself: My name is Haley. I have two children. My children's father and I are high school sweethearts. I work Katybug's along with working another full time job Monday-Friday.  My life is spent taking my children to their daily activities, working my full time job, and along with running Katybug's. I enjoy spending time with my family which is the most imporatant thing to me. I still enjoy making crafts, but that has slowed down. As mentioned above, I have always had the passion for fashion. I love putting outfits together for my friends, family, and customers. It brightens my day when my customers are happy after finding that special outfit to make their day!  

We are ready to help you find that special outfit to brighten your day! 

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